412 Church


412 Church
October 1, 2016

8:30 am – 3:00 pm
1450 W 7th Street, San Jacinto, CA 92582


Free for 12 years old and up
Continental breakfast is served!
Lunch served for a small fee.

You can also watch us live at:

Connie Vargas


It all began at at 18 months of age!  First it was the fire, then the endless nights in the hospital, then the car on top of her, then she was unable to see, then the wheelchair.  What next?  Does God even see?  Does God even care?  When will life every be normal for me Connie would ask.  Come to the 412 Church Breaking Through Young Women’s Conference to hear her story.

Melanie Washington

Melanie Washington

THE SHOTS RANG OUT!  Melanie witnessed it all!  First her mother, then her sister, but now – he was after her!  As her life’s journey took her from the jail house to the White House.  Come to the  412 Church Breaking Through Young Women’s conference to hear Melanie Washington’s life’s gripping story of tragedy, redemption and forgiveness.

Rita Garza


Rita didn’t even realize it!  Living a carefree life at age 14, she found herself five months pregnant.  How could this happen?  What were her choices?  What would she do?  Come to 412 Church and hear her gripping story!

Alison Wymer

Alison For many years Alison was so consumed by wanting to be loved that  was willing to do anything for love and acceptance. She didn’t care if it was right or wrong, I just wanted to fill that emptiness.
Out of desperation and loneliness she opened the door for many male pedophiles to abuse and rape her.  She said “My view on love was distorted and I found myself thinking I could find safe love in the arms of women.  Still feeling unsatisfied in my relationships, I turned to drugs and alcohol fueled by anger and rejection, at one point the pain was so intense I attempted suicide…I felt hopeless…will I ever be good enough to experience real love?”

Come to 4the 412 Church Breaking Through Young Women’s Conference to hear her story.

The Fight
Marlene Barba
Marlene BarbaMarlene grew up in a home where there was a lot of fighting as well as physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse.  She was also extremely bullied at school.  Wanting to be loved, she said “I made a string of wrong decisions which led me to partying, getting pregnant, drugs, crime and eventually suicide.”  I lived my life fighting to be loved but found true love the last time I tried to end my life

Ryan Ries

Ryan R

The son of an evangelist, Ryan lived a life of rebellion and debauchery.  Yet after fame, fortune, drugs, and countless women Ryan came to a place where he had no other place to turn but to a God that loved him.

Would you like to hear what a guy really thinks?  Come to 412 Church Breaking Through Young women’s conference to hear his story!


We are sorry but no child care is provided – HOWEVER
we do have a family area where there will be a live feed
e-mail us if you would like to bring children

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What choices are you making?

What choices are you making that either may harm yourself or harm others?  Are they choices that you

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