Georgette finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy.  Her story will lead her to ... later ... wanting the baby but it is too late.


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Kelly starved herself to the weight of only 86 pounds.  She suffers a heart attack in her teen years she was raped and then she is told she will never be able to have children.  Hear how God changed her entire life

Looking for Love

Alison was raped, taken advantage of, used and harmed by countless men and women.  Even when men didn't seem safe she would look for hope in the arms of other women only to find the one and only safe place in the arms of only One.  Hear her story.


Hear Clair's story as she shares the many years of dealing with her dad who would continually harm her.  Until one day - she escaped into the arms of One would rescue her forever.


With blood the walls that still didn't stop her from putting another needle in her arm.  She wanted the needle to help her escape.  But there would be One who would rescue her ... leaving no need to escape.