Set Me Free

One Nightmare Closed, Another Opened

Her mother dropped her off on the roadside.  Tyra watched the car as her mom drove away and out of sight.  Her medical ID bracelet was all she had to identify herself.  But what would happen next?


At age 23 on her way to a purity conference, Jessica was violently raped.  She said “The last thing I remember as I watched my phone skid across the road in front of me, was my blood in the snow.”  This was just the beginning of a life that would never be the same again.

Blinded by Darkness

As Lisa’s mother was passing away she said “I want to see you again one day … in heaven.”  What would that mean?  What changes would need to take place in Lisa’s life for that to happen?   Listen to her story and find out.

When Will My Life Be Normal?

It all began at at 18 months of age!  First the fire … then the car on top of her … then almost blind … then the wheelchair.  What next?  Does God even see?  Does God even care?  “When will life ever be normal for me””