True Cardboard Testimonies

What is your true testimony


Rita didn’t even realize it!  Living a carefree life at age 14, she found herself five months pregnant.  How could this happen?  What were her choices?  What would she do?


It all began with the first drug Angel Dust!  Believing that she could still be in control, life got completely out of control!  Drugs, the gang life, abortion and attempted murder.  Rebelling against anything and anyone that would tell her no!  Until one day … she heard the word NO from someone that would change her life forever!

Broken Chains

At a very young age Amor was exposed to physical and sexual abuse.  At age 14 and in the midst of the homosexual lifestyle she found herself chained and bound to an addiction of drugs, alcohol and self-harm.  Where would she go?  Was ending it all really the only choice remaining?  NO!

Beautiful Scars

Christina Boudreau grew up hiding the countless wounds of painful words and the wounds of painful circumstances.  Looking for a way to numb or escape her pain she had a razor in one hand and a thought to end it all in the other hand.  Then … she looked up.


At the age of 18 her hands went numb, the pain was unbearable!  Then her legs.  She thought that she would not survive the pain.  Then the news from the doctor would forever change her life.  Yet … in the midst of her pain she had hope.

Fight to Survive

Life began as a 4 month premature baby born to 2 drug addicted parents.  At age 12 she found herself, once again, fighting to survive on the streets of  Oakland.  This would only lead to survival choices that would forever change her.

Survival was never easy … until Someone one day would offer her a way to survive without a fight.