She wanted to end it all but did God have another plan?  Come to the Breaking Through Young Women's Conference to see the how Gods plans unfolded.

Mistaken Identity

She awoke only to find she lost 3 months of her life.  But her family had no idea. Would it even be possible for God to make anything good of her life now?  

Broken Hearted

Is it possible to live beyond trauma?  How do you carry on when you are tired of fighting?  How can you come to the God of healing and have TRUE faith the He will heal YOU?  As a survivor of horrific sexual abuse, physical illness, and near death experiences, Meghan tells her story of how she faced these unanswered questions at … Breaking Through Young Women’s Conference.

In Pieces

Amor truly did lose her identity piece by piece until ... her life was a shambles.  Broken into pieces.  But there is One who is her Maker who came and mended those broken pieces and gave her real peace.


Heart attack, abuse, rape, anorexia, bulimia when is enough enough?  Broken and re-broken … how much can one person take before she breaks again?  Come hear just Who helped Kelly make it through the darkest times of her life at the Breaking Through Young Women’s Conference.


Sara was used and abused and she finally took a stand and said "I will not do this anymore!"  She was sold for sex for 2 years and then Someone bought her with His blood. Never to be sold again.

My Baby is Gone

Lisa thought she could find love 0 but she looked in all the wrong placed. Only to find that there was One that would love her in spite of all that she had ever done.