Transition and Deceit

Sonia believed God had called her to a transitioned life.  While living the life of a man and just months away from the final steps … the truth would come out.  What more would the transition involve and who would she finally be?


With blood dripping down she begged him not to leave.  Imprisoned by her addiction for love and acceptance no matter what the cost, even at the cost of her own life Christa did whatever it would take.  Where would she find the perfect love that would set her free forever?

Resurfacing from Life's Landslides

When the news of the tragedy reached her ears she could barely stand up.  On top of all that had happened that day, she could barely walk to the couch to gain her composure.  As she sat down and looked up she asked … “Are your sure he is not alive?”

Who(se) am I?

Born on Easter Sunday and the daughter of a Pastor, Amy struggled with her identity even as a young girl.  All her life she identified with being a boy and connected emotionally with girls.  “Maybe God made a tragic mistake and I should have been born a boy!”  Searching for answers of who she belonged to … one day she found the answer!